I am Beautiful ♡

I remember it like it was yesterday, the remarks, the negative comments about my weight and body structure.

At a very young age I was aware of my body weight.  When you 10years old ,cousins are your first friends and everytime we went shopping with our mothers or grandparents, all I heard is” she is so big boned!,take a bigger size!,its never easy shopping for her!”.
When I turned 13 I became even more aware of my body,boys , my confidence was extremely low because I wanted to be petite like every other small waisted girl at school.

Thats where it all started…I became one of those girls. The girls that silently had a eating problem. My  eating disorder started, my dog got fatter(jack Russel) while I lost weight.
I constantly watched my weight, my feet never stepped onto a scale, because i measured my weight in petite clothing  that I would save money for.


My life slowly spiralled out of control.i innocently became involved in drugs to keep my weight,dreamt of being skinnier.
The drugs came and gone in my life at the age of 15 ,because I needed to be petite.
I hated my body and hated my body size,why couldn’t my clothing be the size in the magazine? Like my friend? Like my cousin?. Why did I have to be the big boned girl in the family and friend group.

One day ,One woman changed my life.
Her beautiful voice whispered to me I am

absolutely beautiful


She did not know my past or current situation,but its all I ever needed someone to tell me.
I started eating, drugs got thrown to the side and I became comfortable with my body weight.
Little did I know … I was never fat or over weight.
I was simply shaped different and beautifully created and designed by God.

Today I am more confident than ive ever been.
Im Vibrant and ambitious and at any chance I get, I tell someone how beautiful they are!

Peoples opinions dont matter anymore when it comes to my weight and physical looks .


I am Beautiful♡,

I am Beautifully designed and created in his image☆.
I am flawless ,because my creator is flawless.
I love my myself every second.
I love my body every day.
I love who I am.
I love who I have become and who im moulding into.
I love me !,because he loved me first.

– Shani Faro

image I am in love with life
And its beautiful mysterious journey.

Shani Faro ×


36 thoughts on “I am Beautiful ♡

  1. You’re strong for overcoming your eating disorder. Body image is so morphed when girls are young. My grandmother used to offer me money if I lost weight… While my size 2 cousin, who was modeling at the time was the pride & joy of our family.
    It took growing up and maturing to realize that my body is awesome. My stomach may not be flat, and my thighs touch… but I’m healthy & I’m happy.

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    1. Jen love…when I reflect on my past I realise how silly it all was and Thank God for his Grace upon my life.
      I am completely against adults or kids bullying young kids weight issues.
      But guess what Jen? You are beautiful!♡
      My hearts desire is to indoctrinate a culture of healthy self confidence for young and older woman.
      Self worth and the importance of loving yourself in this crazy world.

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      1. That is a goal worth striving for, indeed & you’re in the perfect place to do it.
        Can’t wait to read more of your work.

        Cheers 🙂


      2. I don’t have much direction over there… I use it as my own corner of the world wide web to have the freedom to say whatever comes to mind. I’m working on a few e-books as well…
        Keep in touch. 🙂


      1. Agreed! Most importantly we as beautiful 21st century modern day woman need to believe we are beautiful inside and out!we need to believe in ourselves!
        Unconsciously we are not aware that we suffer from this ugly disbelief in ourselves!

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      2. I totally agree with you. Culture today reflects too many ideals of what people should be, when in fact it should encourage people to be all about embracing themselves and making the best of who we are.


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